Format Column output in SSRS

="Avg LOS: "+cstr(EXP(SUM(LOG (Fields!LOSD.Value)) / COUNT(fields!LOSD.VALUE)))

Results   "Avg LOS: 9.151836258"

Preferred Results: "Avg LOS: 9.15"
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cyberkiwiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, didn't see the text around the value

="Avg LOS: "+ Format(EXP(SUM(LOG (Fields!LOSD.Value)) / COUNT(fields!LOSD.VALUE)), "N2")
Using the report designer, find the properties of the cell that has this formula and enter the Format as "N2"
epicazoAuthor Commented:
Please note that I am presenting a combination of TEXT + Number so N2 will not work.  :(
epicazoAuthor Commented:
Awesome!    thank you so much!
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