SSL certificate renewal for Exchange 2003

I have an Exchange 2003 Standard server, with IIS 6, running on 2003 server standard. I have an SSL certificate from that is expiring in two weeks. GoDaddy is telling me that I have to uninstall the current SSL cert and install a new one, which could mean a day or two of downtime for OWA, ActiveSync, etc. Is there no way to renew this without a significant disruption in service?
Thanks for any advice.
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Scott1201Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's an article that refers to SBS 2003, but as far as I can tell the screen shots pertain to Server 2003 as well.  Good walkthrough of the steps required.
If you need to create a new certificate request, instead of renewing the existing certificate, it is possible to make this happen without significant downtime.  You can create a new Web site on a different port (such as 8080) and use that site to create the new certificate request.  After you receive and install the certificate, you can configure the existing OWA site to use the new certificate without having to uninstall the previous certificate.
BScott52Author Commented:
thanks Scott. I'll check it out.
BScott52Author Commented:
Thank you, and apologies for my failure to respond sooner. Got busy and forgot about it. Big help.
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