Server 2008 NTFS permission reset to default after saving document

I am having a very odd permissions issue on my file server. I need to modify the NTFS permissions on certain files for specific user access.
I open the Advanced Security and uncheck the 'Include inheritable permissions...'
Then I adjust the settings to how I need it.
This part goes fine, but when the specific user that has write access to the file make a change and saves any document (xls,doc,ppt,etc.) the permissions on the file automatically revert back to the default permission settings from the parent folder and the  'Include inheritable permissions...' is checked again.
I have tried different systems, different user accounts, different folders, and different shares all with the same result.
I am at a loss, anyone have any ideas?
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Individual file permissions won't work on Office documents, because Office doesn't save to the original file, but rather creates a new file, then deletes the old and renames the new file to the name of the original.

Windows NTFS permissions are required when you run Word on any NTFS partition that has Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista installed

Description of how Word creates temporary files
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