SQL - convert string mm/dd/yyyy to yyyymmdd - SQL Server 2005

Hello experts,

I have a table with a date_of_birth column in varchar(10) format.  I have a need to convert the string into a similar string format shown  below:

Currently I have:

table: person

person_id         date_of_birth
123                   3/9/1963
124                   11/22/1935
125                   5/6/1943
126                   11/22/1935
127                   10/4/1955

I would like to end up with:

person_id         date_of_birth
123                   19630309                       --3/9/1963
124                   19351122                      --11/22/1935
125                   19430506                       --5/6/1943
126                   19351122                       --11/22/1935
127                   19551004                       --10/4/1955

When i try and do something like
update person
set date_of_birth = RIGHT(date_of_birth,4)+LEFT(date_of_birth,2)+SUBSTRING(date_of_birth,4,2)

it gives me trouble because of cases where there are single digit months or days like 5/22/2011where the month is a single digit, or 11/5/2004 where the day is a single digit.


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You should run a cursor through all items in the table.  Set the month, day, year to variables and then test the length. From that you can padd a leading 0.


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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
You need to convert the string into a date (providing the correct format specifier), and than back to a varchar using another format specifier. CONVERT does that:

update person
set date_of_birth = convert(varchar(10), convert(datetime, date_of_birth, 101), 112)
where date_of_birth like '%/%';

See the Books Online, CAST und CONVERT for details.
Hi ...  try this one.

SET date_of_birth = Convert(VarChar,Cast(date_of_birth as DateTime),112)
You may try this please:
update person
set date_of_birth = right(date_of_birth,4)+replicate('0',len(substring(date_of_birth,1,charindex('/',date_of_birth)-1)) % 2)+substring(date_of_birth,1,charindex('/',date_of_birth)-1)+replicate('0',len(substring(date_of_birth,charindex('/',date_of_birth)+1,charindex('/',date_of_birth,4)-1)) % 2)+substring(date_of_birth,charindex('/',date_of_birth)+1,charindex('/',date_of_birth,4)-1)
robthomas09Author Commented:
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