How to search exchange 2007 mailbox

A user is having issues with emails not showing in the sent items. I have checked on their machine and all seems to be as it should be. The emails are from September 2010, so the exchange logs don't go back that far to search.

Is there another way to search the exchange database to see these emails? At the moment the only reason I can see for missing emails is they have accidentally deleted them? Just need to double check on the server.

We are running SBS 2008 with Exchange 2007. We also set up outlook to use cached mode.
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lucid8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you are way past the retention date the other option is to restore from backup to RSG back to a date within 30 days of the origination date of the emails and then export the data to PST for review and recovery.  

1. How far back do your backups go?

2. If you don't retain backups all the way back to September/October I would still recover the latest you have to RSG and see if the data is there.  I say this because you really don't know when the information was deleted, i.e. could have been within the range of your oldest backup OR it could be beyond it but you wont know until you look.

Other option is if you do mailbox/brick level backups perhaps they contain the information as well?
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Depending on when they were deleted, and your policy, they might be in the users deleted item retention folders.  Don't have a test box here to give you the exact steps, but you can find it with a quick inet search.

Also, users have a way of draggint stuff into other folders in there mailbox, so check that they are not lurking in a sub folder or adjacent folder.
rowdybeansAuthor Commented:
We've got 30 day deleted item retention. So would have gone from their too. Done full search of their mailbox too. Its items from specific date and email address.
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Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
We've got 30 day deleted item retention. So would have gone from their too

It depends on when they were deleted from the deleted folder.  Worth a look.
rowdybeansAuthor Commented:
an old backup contained the files.
Excellent news and thanks for the points
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