How to Suppress Drill-Down on Only 1 Group Entry

I need to know the proper way to suppress drill down on 1 of my group entries.

I have created a top level group (only 1 level). The last entry contains the catch all. This group entry needs to be on the report, but does not need to allow drill-down while allowing all other group entries to drill-down. All of the group items allow drill down into the details at the present time. I want to change that to all group items minus the catch all (other).

Group Header 1 - Items with an A rank.      -Drill OK
Group Header 1 - Items with a B rank.        -Drill OK
Group Header 1 - Items with a C rank.        -Drill OK
Group Header 1 - Items with a D rank.        -Drill OK
Group Header 1 - Unranked Items               -DO NOT DRILL

Basically, since the catch-all group header is items that are not ranked, I don't want to bother my users with having the records available. Kindof a "too much information" deal there. So anyways, I want to keep all drill-downs active except for the catch all, but I do need to keep the catch-all visible (so someone who looks at the report knows that x amount of records did not get ranked). Otherwise I would just have the "Others" thrown away and not populate the report.

Thanks ahead for your assistance.
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I am not sure how to do that but you can use the drilldowngrouplevel

In the Details Suppression something like

If {GroupField} = 'UnRanked' then
   DrillDownGroupLevel > 0


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ChuckDeezelAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I took your suggestion and it was as easy as that. I did not use the DrillDownGroupLevel function because after looking it up I found that this function's actions are to:

Returns a number that indicates the group level of the current drill down view, or 0 if it is not a drill down view.

Since I only have 1 group level (though I may add more in the future to clean up the details), I did not feel that using the DrillDownGroupLevel would have any benefit for this request. Thus my end result looked like this (and worked perfectly I might add):

IF GroupName ({HPD_Help_Desk.Satisfaction_Rating}) = "No Satisfaction Rating"

Open in new window

My only other wish with this formula is to eliminate the blank screen drill down that is the result of placing the above formula in the Suppress section of the Details area. As it stands with the above formula, if someone mouses over the catch-all, they see a magnifying glass which indicates that it can be drilled down. However, when they double click to "drill-down", the subsequent screen is blank (IE it doesn't contain the details).

This brings me to a secondary question: Is there a way to disable the ability of a user to perform the "drill-down" motions on this specific group field name but still allow the others (on the same group level) to be drilled?

If not, that's completely fine. As it stands your solution has answered my question (will accept after I get a response from my secondary question, or in the next few hours...whichever comes first). If anyone else can chime in and answer the sub question accurately I will accept the sub answer as an assisted answer.
I don't do drilldown as such so I dont know if there is a way to disable it for a particulsar group.  I idon't think you can.

ChuckDeezelAuthor Commented:
Fair enough. Thanks for the suggestion and the help. Was probably obvious to others, but new to me.
ChuckDeezelAuthor Commented:
Worked perfectly. Placed in the Formatting Forumlas > Details > Suppress. Removed the function for DrillDownGroupLevel. Thanks for the prompt and accurate reply!
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