H3C model S5120 switch with 3 ms pingtimes with zero load

Practically straight out of the box, plugged into nothing but a laptop, pinging this switch the ping times are 3ms on average instead of the expected less than 1 ms. Sometimes they are as high as 24ms. Is this normal? I have never ever seen any brand of switch do this before.

The model is H3C S5120-EI, which is an H3C brand, now owned by HP.

The only thing configured on the switch is an IP on the VLAN interface so I can ping it, a user (required when logging into console the first time), and saving the configuration.
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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is switching speed impacted or you are pinging management interface?

cajxAuthor Commented:
Ooo, smart man. Let's ping through it and see what happens. I was pinging just the management interface.
cajxAuthor Commented:
It was just something odd about pinging the management interface - pinging through the switch to a device is fine!@!!
If you have nagios/smokeping/ anythinhg measuring prformance you can still use that ping. Low priority management interface is somehow co-related with overall switch load.
24ms is a bit too high for good browsing experience. Check with support webpages if latest firmware to improve things is up.
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