Gmail: How do I delete old emails?

GMAIL: How do I delete all emails except those with labels or stars?

Can I do that for only those over 60 days old?

WIN7, Firefox, Microsoft Essentials
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In Gmail, click on Labels > Manage Labels
Under "Show in message List" hide the labels that you do not want deleted - this will stop those messages from showing up in your inbox for the next step.

Now, in your inbox, click the icon just to the left of archive (box with a pull down arrow next to it) and select unstarred.
This will tick all messages that are unstarred, and will also exclude all those messages with labels (as you've hidden them)
Now just delete those messages
You will now have to go in and un-hide the labels that you hid previously.
I don't know of any way to do this automatically within Gmail, or restrict it to messages older than 60 days.

Alternatively, configure outlook to pickup you gmail emails, use filters in Outlook (which is much more customisable) to filter/delete your messages, then sync with the gmail server when you're done. This is the way I do it currently and it works fine.

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JLohmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks Scottyworld. Using Outlook seems more complete. Now that I've hidden all labels, if I download via Outlook will the non-labels be deleted from gmail or will they remain?
JLohmanAuthor Commented:
As well, will it take off the starred, which I'd like to leave.?
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The starred messaged appear flagged in Outlook.
I haven't personally used the labels, but according to Google, they seem to appear as folders.
See the Google help file here

All messages will be transferred into Outlook, as you haven't actually removed the labelled ones, you've just hidden them from the Gmail view. You can either do the delete once they are in Outlook, or before you transfer them. Once you're all set up in outlook, it will sync with your Gmail when you do a send/receive, so if you delete a message from Outlook, it will delete from Gmail and vice versa.
Forgot to mention, when you set up the gmail account in Outlook, click on the more settings button, then the advanced tab and you get the option to specify whether outlook MOVES messages from Gmail, or leaves a copy on the server.
If you're going to be using both Outlook and Gmail to manage your emails, I suggest you tick the box that says "Leave a copy of the message on the server"
JLohmanAuthor Commented:
And incidentally, if I do this in gmail won't it still require me to delete one page at a time?

Yes, unfortunately the most you can display on one page is 100 (default is 50)
You can change this in Settings (top right of screen) then maximum page size
JLohmanAuthor Commented:
Nothing can be easy with Google. I suspect that they want you to fill up your space allotment and then buy more. Easily cleansing it is not in their financial interest.
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