Allow Java Applet to run through NSW School Proxy

1. The school requires student to login to the (Proxy) before they can access the internet.
2. I have a website that requires a java applet to run and when I go to the website I have to login to the Java Applet which authenticates against the proxy.

Is there any way of bypassing the login for Java?
Can I add an exception in the school proxy which will allow the Java Applet to run (on the website that requires it) without having to login to the proxy again.

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Basically the answer to all that is "no".

You have to authenticate as you have been.  Consider yourself lucky,...the Java JRE (which is really what is doing the work,..not the Applet itself) has had a history of not authenticating to a CERN Compliant Web Proxy properly.

With proxy servers like MS's ISA or TMG it is better to make the JRE "proxy agnostic" so that it believes that there is no proxy and then let the Winsock LSP (Firewall Client Software) handle the authentication transparently.
lexialearningAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for your advice but there has to be a way together around this. I will further wait and see if anyone else has come up with a solutions
if you could bypass the the login it would defeat the whole purpose of having it
What solution are you expecting,...short of Sun coming out with a new JRE that actually works correctly?  What you have is not a new problem, has been going on for years.  It is totally amazing that the developers of the JRE have not woken up and fixed it by now,..but they haven't appearantly.

If you are using MS's ISA or TMG as you "proxy" then the solution is extremely easy and will maintain the authentication that you want,..but other "brands" of proxys I have no idea what to tell you.
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