Use WRT54G as gateway

Hello Experts:
I have problems with my firewall and want to setup this Linksys router so we can get out to the internet.
How can I setup the router for the public IP and the local ip?
here is the scenario:
public IP:

Local IP:

client: 192.168.1.x

Thank you in advance!!
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Here is the Manual, , and would help if you could look at it for the model number (firmware revision).  See the firmware version makes a difference.; these are ~5 years old and home/hobbyist class rather than server class in performance. Since this one is probably used so you'll want to poke the reset hole/button to clear old settings. Connect Internet to "Internet", Computer to "1","2","3",or "4"; and power to "power". open a browser window to "" and log in with your model versions default login (usually admin, admin) and go through wizard. Its normal use is connection to Internet Service Provider via DHCP and to let the WRT54G control DHCP to your computer and to your wireless. It sounds like you are attempting to set up static IP addresses without knowing why? The "Public IP" you give seems too weird to be real.  

Your actual configuration steps will depend on the version number you have.

I've picked up a half dozen of these at thrift shops and like most Linksys products they weren't the best.  Linux fanboys found out that the same firmware upgrade procedure that eventually fixes their problems and that Linux can be installed in the WRT54G's tiny brain.  

The D-Link and even the Westel wireless routers were faster and can do more complex tasks such as Brouter and Public/Private network partitioning. Brouter or Bridging router capability is necessary to connect a SBS private (non-routable) network with the Linksys private network.
What you will need to do is configure you router as you have laid out above.  And then run the CEICW.  You will want to ensure that the ports you need are opened on the router and that they are pointed at the server.

Ports to be opened for SBS are normally 25 (SMTP), 47 (GRE), 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), 1723 (PPTP), 4125 (RWW).


NewcoAuthor Commented:
thanks it_saige:
where do I configure the settings, in the basic or advance configuration or both?

Thank you again.
NewcoAuthor Commented:
Thank you shjacks55:
More than a solution, this is now a curiosity to see how it works in a business environment. You gave me a link for the WAP series but my question is about the WRT series; anyway, I got it upgraded and will test this evening to see how it works.
NewcoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, it worked!
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