Cat 6 wire will not fit in Cat6 plug

I have a customer who ran General Cat6 wire in his building (he bought wire from big box store).  He asked me to terminate the ends and set his network up.  I installed the Cat 6 Jacks and everything was going well.   But on the other end I tried to install the plugs I got for Cat 6 and the wire seems to large for the "sled" that is part of the cat 6 plug.  I cannot even get the wire into this thing before putting the sled in the plug.   I tried an RJ45 and it is just about impossible to get all 8 Cat 6 wires into the plug.   Any idea what I may be doing incorrectly?  Could the Cat 6 wire be too large?
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Perhaps provide some pictures?  It might be possible that the sheilding is thicker than your 8P8C modular plugs.


syssolutAuthor Commented:
Cat 6 Connector
The piece on the left side below the Connector is the "sled"  The 8 Cat 6 wires with their individual sheaths has to slide into this sled.   Then the sled is pushed into the connector from the normal insertion side and pushed to the front.  It is virtually impossible to get the 8 wires into this sled.   ANd because they are so cramped it is impossible to keep them in order.   And if you try to push the 8 wires into a Cat 5e RJ45 you might just get the 8 wires far enough in.  I have crimped many Cat 5 wires, and out of 5 connectors I only got 1 that tested correctly
Actually the sled is the piece on the lower right.  The piece on the lower left is the liner.  The order of the process (according to Ideals brochure) and after your remove the jacket (step 1) and then trim the cable crossmember (step 2) is to:
Step 3 - place your twisted pairs into the sled (the sled is divided into four distinct parts, one part for each pair).
Step 4 - Untwist and order your pairs
Step 5 - Slide pairs into the liner
Step 6 - Trim
Step 7 - Slide entire assembly (liner, pairs and sled) into plug body
Step 8 - Crimp


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syssolutAuthor Commented:
Sorry My fault.   I meant the slider.   The wires are to big for them all to fit.   I have to go one by one and try to get them in the slider.   Why won't they fit in the Cat 5E connection anyway?
syssolutAuthor Commented:
When I put the Cat %e wire aside of the Cat 6 wire, you can see there is a difference in over thickness.  And you can feel the difference.   Is it possible there are different Cat 6 cables for different uses?  
syssolutAuthor Commented:
The casing says Cat-6 General cable  4pr 24AWG  75C  IWC
syssolutAuthor Commented:
I think I found the trick.   Don't use the sled.   It keeps the wires separated too much and you keep fighting to keep it down close enough to the Cat6 outer jacket.   Without the sled, the slider works and it goes in far enough to crimp around the outer jacket of cable just like on a cat 5e
syssolutAuthor Commented:
Thanks for suggestions
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