capture audio and video from articulate video so we can upload to youtube

Articulate creates multiple flash flies which I can capture using Jing but even changing my audio settings to computer it still won't pick up the audio.

Any ideas software solutions?

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abacus41Author Commented:
Anyone got any ideas?
I don't understand why you need to 'capture' them at all...  why not just upload the flash (.FLV) files straight to youtube?
abacus41Author Commented:
Articulate software lets my clients animated files and add audio a bit like a PoweerPoint presentation. The 'file' it creates is actually a folder with a bunch of swf files, data file and control files.

See and attached file.

Thanks. this is what it looks like in Dreamweaver
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Just as PowerPoint is part of the Office suite, Presenter (a PowerPoint add-on) is part of the Articulate suite.

Which part of Articulate are they using to make those shockwave format (SWF) pieces?

And what version of Articulate do they have?
Is this on a laptop? with an internal speakers only?
Then you may not be able to record audio with the video as you need PC speakers so that you can use the stereo mix or what you hear.
A full duplex audio card is required so that audio does not share the same resources from mic.
Do you see three audio sockets one green Audio out PC speakers, one red for line in and one blue for MIc?
refs to>> but even changing my audio settings to computer << computer??
 it still won't pick up the audio.<< ok which windows do you have and is this a desktop?
You need to set the recording to stereomix in your sound card recording.
This is hidden in windows 7.

If you have only mic. hmmm you may need to use something like this
Total recorder
Total Recorder can record any sound passing through any line of your sound card with an ability to listen to audio being captured. For example, you can record sound being played back by an external program, sound from a microphone,

Here's the guide from Techsmith
Once you select your entire desktop, window, or custom area, click the Video button. If it's the first time you're making a video, Jing will ask you which audio device you'd like to use. For example, many laptops have a built-in internal microphone, but you may also have a webcam, USB microphone, etc.

Please post back which windows
and if it's a desktop
I was thinking they would need to use the Video Encoder in Articulate Studio '09, but with Format Factory (~38MB download), I guess it doesn't really matter which version they have... though it helps to name the files with sequential numbers.

In Format Factory, under Advanced on the left, use Video Joiner...   choose FLV for the output, click Add File, select all the SWF files and arrange them in order (that's where having sequence numbers comes in handy, because sometimes the common dialog in windows puts the first one you select at the end of the list), then click OK.
Seems his problem is really>> I can capture using Jing but even changing my audio settings to computer it still won't pick up the audio.


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I agree the solution I'm offering is not exactly what the poster originally requested, but the stated end result is also being able to upload them to youtube, and converting the SWF files straight to FLV is almost-certainly faster than the maximum 1x speed possible by capturing the playback.
I think we have been abandoned.
abacus41Author Commented:
No, never!! Last week I accessed the system and allocated points - thanks to all for your help.
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