Basic info about Oracle from newbie

I am just wondering a couple of things about Oracle.

1.  Firstly, how difficult is it to make a transition from Mysql (from the learning side).

2.  Can mysql data be easily imported into Oracle?

3.  What is the most common scripting language used with it when working with large databases.  Eg. mysql uses php.

4.  Is there any problems using PHP with it?

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Sorry don't know much about mysql, but data can be easily imported. The hardest part will be mapping the data types to their equivalents in Oracle.

In terms of scripting, it sounds like you mean front end application code? I don't know whats most common but you can use anything. I've used php plenty of times and it's just as easy as mysql. Oracle is more of an enterprise level database though and is usually used behind a middle tier application/integration layer so the front end code doesn't actually query the database directly. If you just want a website hitting the db directly, mysql is probably better for you than Oracle as it has far less overheads and that is what its designed for.
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Thanks can I ask one more question, if you can help me.  Do you know what facebook and those types of apps would use?  
I think facebook uses MySQL at least partially, you might find this blog interesting:

Reddit uses PostgreSQL.
Hitwise uses PostgreSQL.
debbieau1Author Commented:
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