Incremental Backup in Windows 7

Dear all,

I have windows 7 pro and I want to make an Incremental Backup for my new or changed backup.

I created a backup once, but when I run it again in another time, the backup is creating another backup file with same size and the same time instead of only backup the new files.

Is there something that I can do to enable Incremental Backup in Windows 7.

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Watch this:

Or use Acronis ;)
If it's not working read this:
ashraf2002Author Commented:
Ok, I saw the video, there is an incremental backup. However, I tried it and here what happens:

The first backup size - 13 GB

The second day size backup 3.3GB in another folder.

The third day backup size 3.4 GB in another folder, too.

so, if I keep doing this my hard disk will be full soon! it's impossible that I have made that much changes every day.

What can I do?? please help
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