netezza external table gunzip unexpected end of file errpr


We are loading data from Netezza into a Netezza external table (file on unix).

The .txt file is compressed into a .gz file using gzip, then ftp'd to a windows 2008 server &  decompressed using gunzip (on the windows server).

When running a gunzip command on Windows, the command fails with an 'unexpected end of file' error:

Creating a .txt file straight from vi on unix, gzip it, then ftp'ng to windows followed by gunzip all works great.

Thoughts on what could be added to the External Table definition or ?

Thank you!

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Can you successfully gunzip the file before FTP'ing it to the windows box? Are you using binary mode in FTP?

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ssebringAuthor Commented:
Hi, thank you for your reply.

yes - it was a binary file send, realized this just after posting question.  Now working on a solution but having issues.

Executing gunzip on windows 2008 server with:

gunzip.exe –c -f -N -q -a --ascii filename.txt.gz

partially decompresses then fails with:

gunzip: invalid compressed data—format violated

note: have played with compressing (gzip) the file with and without the ascii parms (also different files), played with parms on gunzip w/out success (yet).

ssebringAuthor Commented:
ok, everything is now working.  Accepting the comment by jlevie.

In addition to gettimg the gzip/gunzip parms correct, the ftp script task needed to have a change:

ftp.ReceiveFiles(files, localDir, True, False)

the last arg sets isTransferAscii to False (previously was set to True).

gzip args:  -c -N -q -f
gunzip args: -d -q -f -N -a
ssebringAuthor Commented:
posted last comment regarding final solution
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