Exchange 2010 mail flow server names

This is an upgrade of eX 2003 to EX2010, to a singel server enviroment.
When running install for the CAS role i mistakenly chose the backend (mailbox) 2003 server to connect with instead of the backend. How can i change this after the fact?
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using powershell
the command is Get-RoutingGroupConnector
you'll find the wrong created group connectors
verify they are wrong then type Get-RoutingGroupConnector | Remove-RoutingGroupConnector

this will delete the wrong routing group connector

to create a new one wich will connect your (HUB) server to Exchange 2003 server

New-RoutingGroupConnector -Name "any name" -SourceTransportServers "Exchange Hub Server Name" -TargetTransportServers "Exchange 2003 server name" -Cost 100 -Bidirectional $true
rofelsohnAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much!. Definitely worth the 500 points!
Worked perfectly and i had trouble finding this info elsewhere. This is a big help to me. Thanks again!
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