Exchange 2007 Suspend/Disable Mail Box

I have a user in my Exchange 2007 environment that is SPAM'ing, probably due to a virus.  I want to be able to temporarily disable all traffic coming FROM his email account (if doing this kills emails coming TO his email account, I'm ok with that also).

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

(This would have to be done on the server-side.  I do not have his computer with Outlook in my posession)
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Here is a screenshot of what I mean by setting a low limit on a mailbox.
Very quick way to do this is to go to EMC and “Disable” the mailbox. This will remove all exchange attributes from his account, and will leave the mailbox in “disconnected mailboxes” group. This will not delete the AD account. After you figure out what is causing the issue, you can reconnect the mailbox again. Just make sure that “disconnected mailbox retention policy” (adjustable on the database properties) is set to number of days that is longer than what you are planning to have the mailbox disconnected for.
Another way of doing this is to set “Mailbox limits” on this mailbox to a very low amount next to the “Prohibit send” property of the mailbox. This way the user will be able to still log in and receive emails.
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