Sugar CRM Community edition

Hello All and thanks in advance for your help.
One of my clients is interested in Using Sugar CRM Community edition for her start up company.

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with sugar CRM community edition and if there are any other requirements to run this tool.  thanks for your input.
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I ran sugarcrm for about a month, it was remarkably easy to setup however we preffered using vtiger crm afterwards. (although i still find it hard to ditch Maximizer as a thick client CRM)

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IssomesmoAuthor Commented:
Can I use Sugar CRM without a server?  It would only be 2 users and they both work from home on personal laptops, windows xp,, I looked at vTiger and it looks they have a version that is completely web based that we might end up going with, but wondering does Sugar have the same option? Thanks.
Well it does have a stack installer to easily install it on a normal windows system, but someone would have to host that and configure port forwarding at that location etc if they arent using it on a local area network (or vpn)

However sugarcrm and vtiger for that matter becuase they are opensource are typicaly offered by web hosts as a hosted solution if they already have a webhost they should contact them see if they can host it for like $9 a month. (some PLESK accounts even have an option to just single click and install it) Do you know if they have a host? or who it is?
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IssomesmoAuthor Commented:
thanks again for your replies, they are gonna go with Vtiger, they don't have webhost and its going to be the best for them at this point.  vTiger is only 12.95/mo per user and its completely web-based, Thanks again Cripplecaptain!
IssomesmoAuthor Commented:
When you say "someone would have to host that and configure port forwarding" can that be hosted on a single computer? Can you explain that a little more, thanks.
Yes it can be hosted on a single computer. The port forwarding is to let traffic from outside the local area network access the crm from the web so if these two people are in different locations the person hosting would have to port forward. Port forwarding is probably the easiest part of this setup on any home router.
IssomesmoAuthor Commented:
Cool, I have done a bit of port forwarding, thanks for the clarification, are there any other setup steps besides port forwarding? your help is greatly appreciated!
Tell you what I'll launch my old xp vm and go through the setup for vtiger (right?) tomorrow and make some notes for you
IssomesmoAuthor Commented:
Dude you are awesome! Could you do that but for Sugar CRM community edition?  Looks like they changing their minds, they love the sugar interface lol.  you Rock!
Sure no problem
So I installed the MSSE stack installer. Honestly It couldnt possibly be easier using just the default entries for setup and useing good passwords when prompted. I did record the process in vmware but it recorded like absolute shit so if you think you'll need it can take screenshots and post them but I honestly think you'll be fine.

The only thing I had to do was run the installer in compatibility mode (becuase I installed it on windows 7) so if you are in xp you shouldnt have to change anything.
IssomesmoAuthor Commented:
Great thanks, I ended up installing it and getting everything working.  I did have to use No-Ip to redirect my IP to a static one.  Along with opening ports on router for web server, everything worked like a charm.  thanks Again!
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