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problem adding people to Lync 2010 client contact list

our lync deployment uses the users email adress as the sip adress and lync login.


in lync client, you can easily find and add federated users and users on public IM.

internal users are found from the AD adressbook, but they are not beeing detected as lync contacts.
if we search for the sip adress (sip:user@domain.com), we succesfully find the lync enabled contact.

does anybody have a clue where this behaviour could come from?

event logs dont show any adressbook synchronisation problems, nor any other error related events. seems the lync
is running fine, so does the edge, except of this issue with finding internal users...
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it-swiss-eeAuthor Commented:
i gave a bit of wrong info in the first part.

our internal domain is "user@domain.local"

but mail adress of users is "mailalias@domain.com"

sip adress is "sip:mailalias@domain.com" like the email adress

in lync client 2010, when searching for people, we find people by their first name, last name and whatsoever, but they are not shown as LYNC contact. this means you cant interact with them even thought they are online and activ in LYNC.

if we type the sip adress "sip:mailalias@domain.com" then we find a lync contact that we can add and interact with.

how to get rid of this problem?

it-swiss-eeAuthor Commented:
this has been solved doing several reboots of lync server. we havent change the config, the reboots helped, dont ask why....
it-swiss-eeAuthor Commented:
explained in comment before: several reboots of lync servers did the trick, we have no other explenation.
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