How to log security events for file access on Windows 2008 R2 file server

hi, i want to look at events in the eventviewer of a Windows 2008 R2 file server to see whether users have authenticated successfully to access shares.
I do not intend to turn on auditing for files/folders. can someone please advise what events i should be looking for?
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why are you against auditing? that is your only option.
FphcareAdminsAuthor Commented:
i am hoping there is someway i can atleast know which users attempted to access any share on the server. auditing would add too much overhead on our file server
the only way possible is by turning on file auditing, which is also very handy. not sure why you dont want to use this, you can also filter it so that you will only see that specific audit and the event log wont be over saturated with junk that you dont want to see.
seems like you know how to use file auditing but if not see link below.

and you can also use a script to monitor the event logs, see links below:

You can use a script.  See these articles for examples: 

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FphcareAdminsAuthor Commented:
thanks vgagan. but i was wondering if i can do it against user attempts for any share without using auditing.
here is something else i found online which is not free but you might be able to get what you need just by doing a 30 day trial:
FphcareAdminsAuthor Commented:
it looks good, but i wanted to rely entirely on microsoft tools if possible
i dont believe there is another way around it without enableing auditing. hey, you at least get 30 days free. lol

please think about enabling auditing since that is the only realistic solution.  auditing object access is fairly simple. find a alternate solution is almost like reinventing the wheel.
Well put high, your looking for a solution when you have a great one ready for use.
Did you ever get this to work?
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why can't points be awarded? There was no response from, author and solution was given to him. He just didnt want to accept the reality in the solution.
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