Can I use a field from a list for a workflow Assign To?

I have a business card list that users must type in their supervisor into the field.  I need to create a workflow in which the supervisor is sent the tasks to approve the request.  

I noticed that in the out of box workflow you must use enter the Assign To field.  Is there anyway this field can be the value of what the user entered into the Supervisor field? or am I stuck just having the Workflow go to one person (or group) that I assign?
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dp_expertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Of course you can - in SharePoint 2010. You can edit with SharePoint designer any build in workflow and adjust it to your need.

If you have SharePoint 2007 you can create your own workflow - in SharePOint designer it should take you around half an hour.

You just need to point to the list with the supervisor and filter it on the current user.
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