Adsense (only place-marker text showing) What is the last step?

I have my adsense down to the last steps.

I have my main page showing the ad,
but only the 'place-marker text' - not a rectangle - where the ad would go.

Is this because I missed a setup step?

What do I need to do in my adsense account, itself? Where is that account? How do I access it?
How will it know it is me - to pay me? Do I have an account number to give? what? where? My domain name?
Somewhere it says I design an ad and paste text somewhere. I am using wordpress admin adsense integrator. I don't see a user / account number

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You create your ad unit at and paste the adsense code into the wordpress plugin.  

Here is help how to create your first ad

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beavoidAuthor Commented:
you guys,
Thanks a bunch,

Also, where do I state which units are CPM or CPC?

can I ask Adsense to email me every time an impression or click is registered?

beavoidAuthor Commented:
If I go to my Adsense account and look at the summary,

I get lots of clicks for $0.00
That's because I am IP protected, obviously

They must be CPM, cause I never click on the ads.
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Just sign into your account - asking for an email would bog down your email.  
beavoidAuthor Commented:
I don't mind the bogging down, for now.
How do I select to receive emails when an event occurs?
As far as I know, you cannot.  There are many reasons for this (besides bogging down).  Companies that send out thousands of emails a minute would probably put them on a spam list.  
beavoidAuthor Commented:
okay, makes sense,

So I have to check it all day?

That sucks!
You can check it at anytime.  When you say "check it all day" - it reminds me a someone I used to know when they bought stocks.  They checked it all day, which was (honestly) senseless.  He had no intention of buying / selling more stocks for that company.

Adsense gives you a lot of tools to use - to see how your ads are doing, etc.  I would spend time reading those to help.  

For another example - I own a lot of TLDs (coreybryant com / org / net / mobi / ws / name / us / info).  Usually, if I add an adsense to a webpage, merchant account ads appear because of my name.  

If you build up your name / URL to some specific, it could happen to you as well.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
right, thanks for that one

I didn't know about the domain specific ads, how often do companies specify which domains suit them?

I gathered I needed a very well chosen domain name (keyword wise)
but if some ads are geared for, good for them
We were regretting our ( different ) domain name for a few seconds, but it's fine.

I have the ads showing now, and I just need some image skyscrapers at the edges, not in the blog text and then it's done. How can I place Skyscrapers perfectly on the edges? ?CPM? image skyscrapers?

beavoidAuthor Commented:
What index. file is the Wordpress pane slotted into, cause that must be where I put the skyscrapers on the outer, external borders of my blog.

Or is there an easier way?

I'd like them all to be in a column between the right edge of my blog and the right end of the screen.

I don't think it is companies that specify which domains, that is Adwords, and not Adsense (which we are discussing in this post).  

I don't use WordPress, but I would imagine they give you the ability to edit the columns?  If so, what do you have in that column (source code) now and what do you want to be in there (source code)
beavoidAuthor Commented:
I want to put in the PHP for the background, two columns of adsense banners, left and right, away from the blog rectangle.

What file might that be in?
What file includes / imports the Wordpress rectangle?

what do you mean by "wordpress rectangle"

Have you looked in Admin > Appearance > Widgets

Also there are plugins that make adsense easier to add to your blog
beavoidAuthor Commented:
Thanks all
Problems working

gwkg, what is a fair way for me to assign points (close question, as almost every answer here was useful, I've had complaints about not including solutions? - Long posts are tough)
Do solutions not assigned points to disappear?
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