HP Notebook Bluescreens

I have an old HP Notebook we use for a specific purpose that runs XP. The issue we have is it Blue screens on start up. It will start up ok in safe mode though. I have swapped out the memory mods and it still does it. The user seems to think there might have been a virus involved as it only has free AV installed. Whats the best way to troubleshoot it? Thanks.
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If it starts OK in safe mode, it's unlikely to be a hardware issue.

Go into msconfig (start - run - msconfig) and click on the startup tab. Click on "disable all". Go into services. Check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box, and then click on "disable all". Reboot.  Any change?
If the problem goes away, you will need to go back into msconfig and re-enable startups and services individually until you find the culprit.  Start by re-enabling your av/firewall software...

Try booting to safe mode with networking, and then run an online scan:


Or try an av bootdisk:


Good luck!!!
do virus scans in safe mode.

go to event viewer and track down the cause of the bsod

disable any startup items that would cause it

update graphics card drivers

It could also be due a hard disk which is coming to an end of life.
You should do a virus scan first and see if problem is resolved.

At times disk defrag will help.

If the above does not help and in the worst scenario a disk replacement will be a good solution.
Also if  the hard disk is a few years old it will make sense to change the hard disk and recover the data.

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did you also run sfc /scannow  or run UBCD on it?
you can also use startup recovery on it as well.
can you post the minidump?  find it in windows\minidumps
Todger66Author Commented:
Thanks for all your comments I have been away from this for a few days and will be looking at it again this week. Cheers and thanks.
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