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In my environment iam using juniper ssg140 juniper firewall.All the policies are not logged inorder to reduce memory utilization and there is no syslog server also.Hence would like to check wih you if is there any way i can collect from the Command line (CLI) the logs for a entire day ?Is there any specific command to collect the logs from the command line for a specific policy or rule for a whole day?

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I guess I have to agree with alienXen0 because if you dont set the policy logging switch you wont get any traffic show in the policy, because simply the FW will ignore any logs while the logging is turned off,
but if I may ask you, do you run UTM on your firewall ?
if yes how many policies do you have and want to see their logs ? because from my experience in installing juniper firewalls it will not impact the memory that much, even though the ScreenOS and junos also uses the pre-allocation method ion memory so even if you saw the memory utilization reaches yellow or even sometimes red the firewall will not hang ! and it will stabilize but it is an extreme case like this :) so I will advice you to enable the logs on the policies you want to see their traffic, but dont set the (at session begging ) check box, I hope this will help you, and if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask :)
policies need to be logged to generate the traffic logs. SSGs would rollover the  traffic logs stored on the firewall itslf at a certain threshold , so a syslog server would be needed for your requirement.

get log traffic would give you the existing logs on the firewall.
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Are you more interested in a "source - target - volume" type log? That can be done with fprofile, with can rollover the details, but still has the summary available.

Description of that feature available here:
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