Cisco CUCM Repartition

Hello- i just moved from 5.1(3) to 7.1(5) version of CallManger with the help of Cisco.  I am now running into an issue with low active disk space.  I have publisher and one subscriber.  They are now telling me I need to reinstall a fresh copy of 7.1(5) on each and do a restore in order to free up space.  In order to do this I will be down the time it takes me to load 7.1(5) on the servers and do the restore (and then reboot).  We are a small hospital and can't be down for any amount of time (or atleast very minimal).  I can't beleive a company like Cisco does not have a better alternative than this.  They said I can't do the restore until both Pub and Sub are freshly installed with 7.1(5).  Has anyone out there run into this and if so is there any other work around.  My only thought is to have Cisco or possibly a Cisco vendor we work with come in with some loaner equipment we can restore onto and use while we are repartitioning our own servers.  

any ideas?
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Hi BCHCAdmin,
the cheapest way to do so is with a workaround, but other than that you have to go through the down time, because your case comes every 3 or 4 years once, so I might suggest to you is to specify the most important lets say 50 phones and get yourself a 2811 router running voice version OS, and configure these phones and their DNs and make sure it is running properly, then you connect it to the network in this way you will have down time 2-times each time is around 1-2 minutes that is the time needed by phone to reboot and register with the new router,then you can do your upgrade and sync easily outside your network, and you can choose it at 4 AM I guess it is the least used time in the day even in a hospital, so other than that you have to go with the CUCM down time which will take around 30 min max, it is your call.
BCHCAdminAuthor Commented:
khdour -

we do have two 2811's that are on the network - they route the voice traffic to the provider.   Is there a specific version I should be looking for on these?

This is what I have...

Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-SPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(11)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2006 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Sat 18-Nov-06 17:16 by prod_rel_team

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(13r)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

We could get by with keeping about 10 phones running during the upgrade....

BCHCAdminAuthor Commented:
This is the way we ended up doing which resulted in ZERO downtime...

We took down the "Publisher".
All phones were already registering to the Sub so everything good.
Re-partitioned the Pub and reinstalled 7.15.  (Be sure to take note of all install parameters needed - you can get all the info off of the publisher before taking it down.)
Once back up and running we did a restore (we did a backup just before taking it down.)  We restored only the pub.
Once that was back up and running and all services were up we stopped the CM Service on the sub.  All phones failed over to the Pub.  
Took down the Sub and reinstalled 7.15.  
Once back up we did a restore (only restored the Sub).  
Everthing good at this point.

Too bad that Cisco TACs could not relay this type of info.  

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thanks for the info, it is really make sense, and indeed the fastest way to do this.
but you said in your question " They said I can't do the restore until both Pub and Sub are freshly installed with 7.1(5). " then was it successful to do a restore only on the Pub then only on the Sub ?I guess the answer of that is yes.
that's why I suggested the solution above, but if you can do a restore separately that's a different story.  
BCHCAdminAuthor Commented:
Yes - you can restore those individually which I did not know up front.   So once the Pub is back up (even before running CM Services) - you can do the restore to just the PUB, reboot it and make sure all services are started and you are good to go.
BCHCAdminAuthor Commented:
This is the best and quickest way to do this.
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