Slow File Transfers in Hyper-V R2

So I had 2 windows server 2003 enterprise servers that were having hardware issues (one was a dc hosting a network application and the other was a terminal server for some thin clients).  I decided to purchase a new server with 2011 SBS w/ Hyper-v R2 on it.  I P to V the two windows 2003 servers and added them to hyper-v.  I created their own network in the network manager and life was good.  I am noticing that the software that is running on the main virtual dc is a little slow on physical workstations.  On the terminal server the application is super fast and opens with no problem.

To do another test I took a 300mb file on one of the workstations and transfered it to the virtual 2003 dc and it took about 30 seconds.  When i transfer a file from a workstation to the hyper-v server it takes 10 seconds.  It seems that there is a slight network delay when talking to the 2003 dc that is in hyper-v.  Any suggestions to speed it up?  I checked the network card and it isn't setup as a legacy network card.
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Go to the Network card properties then Advance Tab disable any Offloads listed within the VM and the Hyper-V host server.

Go through this link as well.
jmkotmanAuthor Commented:
also, the new server running sbs 2011 isn't being used yet.  i am basically using it as just the host for the hyper-v server
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