Sonicwall TZ 180 Lan to Wan

Hi every body ;
I have a sonicwall TZ180 behind a 3 Com Switch which connected to the Cisco Me 3400 Metro ethernet switch. I have connected my Tz to 3com and set lan ip and wan to

I have connected my own computer to the Tz180's first lan port but i am not able to connect over  my computer's static ip
I try to connect it is ok
I try to connect it is not possible
I've tryed to connect from another port of 3com it was succedd.

Now i want to be able to get ip when i connected to tz180 lan port
I want to allow wan to lan and lan to wan connections (Normally i have activate them from the firewall options but not working).

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You can't access the TZ180 WAN IP address from the LAN side. You can only access the LAN address. Later model Cisco devices, those with the Enhanced firmware, have more sophisticated NAT policies that let you do this, but the TZ180, even with enhanced firmware, won't.
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