RRAS Server 2008 Static Pool - separate subnet

I can not find answer of this specific scenario, and looking for confirmation.
I have one network with 10.1.1.x range,  I have a dedicated RRAS 2008r2 server, I would like to use a static address pool of range 10.1.50.x  , I do not want to use dhcp which of course is easier due to the number of vpn connections.

The RRAS config has:
IPv6 Router is not select
IPv4 Router - LAN and demand-dial routing is selected.
The server has 1 nic with

VPN clients can connect and obtain an ip in the 10.1.50.x range.

I have added a static route on a client machine with the "route add" command using

     route add mask ( being the vpn assign ip of      the client)

However with or without the route  the client can not access the 10.1.1.x range.

Can someone outline if this setup should work? If possible can the setup work by adding a route on the sever side instead of each client?

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QlemoConnect With a Mentor Batchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
That setup should work - one way, at least. The other boxes on your LAN do (probably) not know where to go to for answering RAS traffic, if you have a subnet mask of on LAN. You would need either to set a static, specific route on each box to be reached, or (much better) a static route on your default gateway. The latter needs a change on a single location only.

If you set the default gateway of the clients to the RRAS server (by ticking "Use remote gateway" in the client's connection settings), you do not need to apply a static route to them. But that redirects ALL traffic, including Internet, using the RRAS connection.
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
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ITCKAuthor Commented:
Apologies for delay however thanks alot for your assistance.
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