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Ours is a small company and we have a website running for our company . Unfortunately our web designer used 2 small pictures from  for our website . To be frank he was not that aware of  the copyrighted online pictures and  the consequences we will have to face if he would use it.
a week back we received a legal notice their lawyer  claiming 3,800 dollars . we immediately removed those pictures from our website.  still the notice says we have to settle the amount even after the removal of the pictures .

It is a big amount for our company. I am not going to use any copyrighted material hereafter and I will be careful with that matter But now   please experts  advice me how can i answer to this notice ? what i suppose to do with this legal notice ..
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Please look into this

Asif Ahmed Khan
"If I don't charge for it, it's not a violation."
False. Whether you charge can affect the damages awarded in court, but that's main difference under the law. It's still a violation if you give it away -- and there can still be serious damages if you hurt the commercial value of the property. There is a USA exception for personal copying of music, which is not a violation, though courts seem to have said that doesn't include widescale anonymous personal copying as Napster. If the work has no commercial value, the violation is mostly technical and is unlikely to result in legal action. Fair use determinations (see below) do sometimes depend on the involvement of money.
ivoicenetworksAuthor Commented:
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