Using Gmail account send mail option, can we get reply on this account id?

I have list of emails to be verified with users on active link click etc., ... also email ids are false,
 I like to use my Gmail account through send mail option. i hope i can send mail like this.

If I send mail with my gmail account, can i get failure notice if the mail id invalid / false?

Please let me know
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Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperAsked:
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if you mean sending using gmail smtp server then see the following

> If I send mail with my gmail account, can i get failure notice if the mail id invalid / false?

I don't think so, probably not if they are not gmail accounts  (it'll just forward them on)
You may if they are gmail accounts you are sending to, but from memory I don't think so.
Try the code in the link above to test

Send them an email and have them reply to authenticate. Bots won't
No - if you attempt to send an email to an invalid address, tyhe email will still be delivered to your own smtp server (gmail in this case) and your program will assume it was delivered. No mail servers provide validation in this way, it's not just a java or gmail thing. Once the email ahs been delivered to the smtp server, it closes the conenction with the sending program (your java app) and then attempts delivery. It is only at this point that the server will detect that the ail id is either for a non existant domain, or it will attempt to deliver it to the correct domain and be told that the recipient id is invalid. In either case, a reply will be sent back to the sender that the address is invalid.

So long story short - if you want to detect this, you would need to monitor for replies after you send your emails, in order to detect failed sends.
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you're better off using one of the many email verification services available.
Or querying the smtp server pointed at by the mx record
Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperAuthor Commented:
thanks , i will decide..
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