HACMP heartbeat with two nodes AIX6.1

Here I go again:

I have two AIX6.1-TL6-SP4 with some services like apache, tomcat, db2 and infoprint. Both server are identical, db2 databases are setup master/slave. Now the first server is the main host where clients connects to. So, I want to setup hacmp between both hosts with only ONE IP where the clients will connect to the services on the active AIX.  Understand?

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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, understand,

but where's the question?

- Install PowerHA, create a cluster.
- Make the necessary disks available to both nodes (SAN preferred, but also SSA or multi-home SCSI etc.)
- Define a heartbeat network based on the nodes' base IP addresses.
- Define a heartbeat network based on disks accessible by both nodes (SAN/SSA etc.)
- Optionally define a third heartbeat network based on a serial link (dedicated TTY adapters/cabling needed).
- Define a Service Group containing a Service IP ("ONE IP") and an Application Server (including the failover volume group(s) and start/stop scripts).
- Synchronize.
- Start cluster.
- Enjoy.
- Done.

sminfoAuthor Commented:
jee, I let the question in my mind and forgot to ask in my question.. although is clear the question..:-)

One detail, the active host is on an very old server(with local HDDs) and the slave server is an LPAR on a POWER5 server, so we cant  use the same disks for both. We want in deed only to cluster the IP address..
one more question, I run smitty hacmp and failed, it seems there's no packages installed. Are theses packages on the DVD1 in AIX 6.1?

it is definitely possible to fail over a service IP address alone.
Using shared disks is not mandatory with PowerHA, but you won't have a second heartbeat network that way,
unless you purchase a pair of TTY adapters and lay cables.
But a second heartbeat network isn't mandatory either, although PowerHA will complain a bit during synchronization.

Yep, PowerHA is a separately prized feature, and not cheap anyway!
You will have to purchase it separately. Licensing is per CPU core.

Take care to install the same version of PowerHA on both servers!
If the OS of your old server is too old to support the lowest possible version supported by your new server
you can't use PowerHA!


sminfoAuthor Commented:
yes, the old server will be exactly as the new (AIX 6.1TL6-SP4). And yes, we've bought HACMP 5.5 for our company.

OK, wmp.. Thanks!
Thx for the points!

As for the naming convention, by the way:

5.4 has been the last HACMP Release.
Instead of HACMP 5.5 there was PowerHA 5.5,
whose successor is PowerHA System Mirror 7.1.

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