Create new Sub CA in child domain

Hi All

We have a 5 domain single forest with root domain root.local then 4 child domains east.root.local, west.root.local south.root.local and north.root.local

We have a root CA that has been installed in east.root.local, i now need to issue a SSL cert to a Webserver (IIS7) in south.root.local, i was planning on installing a subordinate CA in south.root.local domain and then have this issue the Cert

Could anyone tell me the steps i need to go through to install this sub CA, our AD is Windows 2003 SP2 , the root CA is WIndows 2003 SP2, the server i want to make the new subordinate CA is Windows 2003R2


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You might not need to create a subCA.
Normally when creating  a webserver certificate you can put anything your want for the name - it isn't limited to something.yourdomain
The only thing you'd need to do is make sure all the domains trust your CA

If you do want to create a subCA you install the CA as normal, but have rather than generating a self-signed certificate for it you have to get it signed by the root CA.
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