MS 2003 Powerpoint HTML

I have a display screen which i display web pages through a number of plasma TV's around various buildings.

I have been looking at saving powerpoint presentations as HTML and then posting them on my displays.

To do this i have selected to save as HTML and removed the slide navigation in the publish menu.

The problem i am coming across is that when i view the page and select the slide i want to view like so


and then i want to navigate to the next slide and change the page to


it still shows the same slide. To get to the second slide i have to navigate away from the slide show altogether and then go to the second slide. This would be fine in some areas where i may want to alternate the slides around other content but not when i want to show them back to back.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

From the publishing section Ive tried selecting just slide 1 and publishing it but nothing gets created. The only think i can think of is to strip out each slide into its own presentation and save them separately.
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LBGUC04Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ive managed to save each slide separately which took a little while. If anyone has any suggestions on how this can be done better please let me know. Maybe someone has some VB code that could loop through and do this for me?
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:

You should be able to do it using Save as a pdf file. TurnpikeEOBR.pdf
LBGUC04Author Commented:
i didnt get a response that assisted in relation to powerpoint
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