How do I resolve privacyiconclient.exe application error

I'm getting privacyiconclient.exe application error when desktop loads on windows xp system.
How do I resolve this?
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Use msconfig and see if its in the start up, then disable it.
It is often the case that computer errors start and end with your pc's registry system - this is the tool that windows uses to 'register' your software & hardware each time you perform installations or updates or remove items. As time goes by and your pc gets filled up with the latest and greatest applications, it's fairly typical that sometime you'll experience an improper installation/uninstallation of a program; this may lead to your getting a privacyiconclient exe error, decreased speed and performance, and other troubles of this nature.

What takes place is that one more segments of your system's registry can be either damaged or corrupted, causing your windows to fail when it tries to operate one or few of your applications; when it happens, windows 'spits' these popup error messages (in the best case…). Anyway, you don't need to worry about it, since as i mentioned in the beginning it is in most cases repairable.

Before going to a computer technician for an expensive solution, or try to 'mess' with your Impaired registry all alone - wait! It is not a difficult job to repair a privacyiconclient exe error; even if you are a beginner at this sort of thing, there are quite useful software tools called: 'registry cleaners' that find any problems with your registry, and quickly repair them for you. Most applications of this type will even offer free downloads, scans, and repair (limited), therefore, you might as well download one of these programs and let it scan and fix the problem; get going with this immediately and with just a few clicks of your mouse you can say 'good-bye' to all the worrisome and time-wasting errors.
privacyiconclient.exe is an extremely vital part of Windows operating system. privacyiconclient.exe is an important process which executes dll files and locates their libraries into windows system's memory. If there is something wrong with privacyiconclient.exe on your computer then the whole PC probably can not run stable and would be deathly slow.

Process privacyiconclient.exe is located in the system directory: C:\windows\system32. If you find that this process executes and runs from any other suspicious locations, I advice you fully scan your computer with anti-virus program. Because such fishy phenomenon could be caused by virus or trojan horse. Some of the viruses will disguise privacyiconclient.exe running on your computer to attack the system and steal important data. We classify those viruses fraudulently using the name privacyiconclient.exe to Miroot. Win32. Worm. Backdoor.Lastdoor. and Trojan.

How to fix privacyiconclient.exe error?

If the privacyiconclient.exe is destroyed by virus or the privacyiconclient.exe is corrupt, removed by accident, I suggest you follow this instruction to fix privacyiconclient.exe error.

1) To fix privacyiconclient.exe error, first you have to make sure that the computer is well protected against spyware. Any spyware is able to rename the programs on your computer. Once the spyware disguises as a normal program and run on the computer, it will seriously destroy system core files and steal your personal information, leaving your computer/ your files unprotected. So do remember to install and scan your computer regularly with a powerful anti-spyware program.

2) Copy and Paste privacyiconclient.exe to Locate the Correct Directory on Your System.

Firstly, if you can not find a copy of privacyiconclient.exe in this folder C:\WINDOWS\system32 then please use system searching function to find out privacyiconclient.exe file on your computer. It must be removed to another location by mistake. After that, copy privacyiconclient.exe back to the correct folder C:\WINDOWS\system32.

Secondly, if you fail to locate a copy of privacyiconclient.exe on your whole computer, I recommend you copy the file from another computer with the same version of Windows operating system to your problem computer. Of course, you can try to re-install the operating system and privacyiconclient.exe errors would be resolved immediately. However, this method would waste your precious time and maybe delete all of the data if you never backup your files.

3) Download System Repair Tools to Fix privacyiconclient.exe error

Do not doubt this method! Actually it is an effective and easy way to fix privacyiconclient.exe with just a few of clicks. privacyiconclient.exe error could probably be caused by registry error on the system. System Repair Tools can fix not only privacyiconclient.exe but also help you detect and remove most of windows system errors on your PC.

Do you want to prevent and fix privacyiconclient.exe errors instantly and run an error-free computer all the time? If so, I highly recommend you to download the Best Registry Cleaner to protect and clean errors regularly. Believe me! It will fix privacyiconclient.exe-related error and return you a completely faster computer within minutes!

dbyers1977Author Commented:
Looks like this required .NET 3.5 or higher as described here.

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dbyers1977Author Commented:
Previous solutions were not acceptable to me.
After continuing to search the web for a solution I found what I found and it worked without any problems.
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