DNS error

Error joining domain
 See att file Doc1.docx
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Is this machine on the same physical network as the domain you're trying to join?  Can this machine see the DNS server(s) for the domain?
GeorgeFurnellAuthor Commented:
Yes it is on the same network. Visiable via network and positive ping response
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
And the machine can ping the DC by name?  If you run DCDiag on the domain controller(s), do you get any errors?
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GeorgeFurnellAuthor Commented:
Yes it can.
no error om DCDiag
Try inputting the IP address of the domain controller in the network adapters' IPv4 properties, then add to domain.  You can change it back to the actual DNS if added successfully.

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Failure to join a computer to a domain troubleshooting:

Valid IP address, mask and gateway?
Valid DNS -- your clients DNS should be pointed to an internal Active Directory enabled DNS server.  From the client machine open a command prompt and type "nslookup Your_AD_Domain_Name".

If you can ping the DC but not join the computer the most likely culprit is DNS.  
...to clarify, input the DC IP address as DNS address!
Use the FQDN of the domain.
e.g. instead of lightway, use lightway.net, or lightway.co.uk, whatever it may be.
GeorgeFurnellAuthor Commented:
Thanks Paul
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