change idle timer on virtual pc

I am running virtual pc I have on a windows 7 pro box

It works great except that the virtual pc session will randomly shut down

Every once in a while when I switch to the virtual pc session I will sse a message box that says

something about it has been over 2 minutes and the idle timer has expired.

Is there a way to disable or change the idle timer limit?

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I'd recommend that you try to reproduce this behavior on another PC...   this is beginning to sound like a "one off" problem.
What type of virtual software are you using? Virtual PC or VMware? Are you remote desktoped in to the machine when it happens?
johnnyg123Author Commented:
using microsoft virtual pc ....(chose vm ware for zone because Icouldn't find a zone for virual pc)

I leave the virtual pc window open but minimized.

I can tell the virtual pc is shuttting down because the icon for the virtual pc on the task bar starts flashing

I don't think that's a Virtual PC issue....   I'd be thinking it was an issue with a power setting on the guest OS
johnnyg123Author Commented:
I checked the power settings but didn't notice anything

What's really weird is sometimes the virtual pc will be fine if there is inactivuty for a few hours  but sometimes it will try and shut down after only a few minutes of inactivity
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