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splitting a string

i am trying to convert a field containing a string into 3 fields.

the string is of the format

alphanumeric decimal [comma] decimal


Moyo Island -8.259857,117.573064

i want it split in 3 eg.

Moyo Island    |   -8.259857   |   117.573064
2 Solutions
Ephraim WangoyaCommented:
Ephraim WangoyaCommented:

Look at the section
3. Parse the list into a set
that's awkward, your list is not delimited - you could really have done with a delimiting character between the place name and the co-ordinates.  The delimiter mustn't appear in the place name, in this case you have a space which can also appear in the place name.

A function reading back through the string could be written to strip out the two numbers.

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tommarshallandrewsAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.

My idea was to try and strip all the numbers & commas out to get the place name then strip the characters to get a comma separated string and try and pot that into 2 columns.

Would that make sense? If so any idea how??

Ephraim WangoyaCommented:
try it this way
declare @temp varchar(max)
declare @var1 varchar(max), @var2 varchar(50), @var3 varchar(50)

set @temp = 'Moyo Island -8.259857,117.573064'

set @temp = REVERSE(@temp)

set @var1 = REVERSE(SUBSTRING(@temp, 1, CHARINDEX(',', @temp, 1)-1))

set @temp = SUBSTRING(@temp, LEN(@var1), LEN(@Temp) - LEN(@var1) +1)
set @var2 = REVERSE(SUBSTRING(@temp, 1, CHARINDEX(' ', @temp, 1)-1))
set @var3  = REVERSE(SUBSTRING(@temp, LEN(@var2), LEN(@Temp) - LEN(@var2) +1))

select @var1, @var2, @var3

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This will do it.

DECLARE @T1 varchar(200) = 'Moyo Island -8.259857,117.573064'

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