Clipper Summer '87 EXTEND.LIB

Long story short, I don't want to rewrite our legacy system (written in Clipper) or import data because the old structures are too complicated and full of dirty data. Without going into all the nitty gritty I need to recompile the programs with one small change (I need to use GETE) that requires the use of EXTEND.LIB which is not in the CLIPPER Directory, probably because the previous developer never needed it. Of course the original disks have vanished.

If someone has a copy please let me know, perhaps a zip of it can be attached.


P.S. I added dBase/foxpro categories to widen the possibility of an answer.
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What format of discs do you need?  (5 1/4, 3 1/2, CD)

I may have a set.   (I know I have the set of manuals . . . if you're interested in those. ;-)

The stuff on that site is for Clipper 5.x which, I think is later than Clipper 87 but it may work.
Sorry - disregard my comment.  It is causeway for clipper: not clipper itself.  
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JermTheWormAuthor Commented:
@8080 Diver - ZIP file? If my memory serves it was only one or two 5 1/4 floppies anyway, I remember using a IBM XT with 2xDual Full Height Drives and No hard drive in my first temp programming job with Clipper '87. As for the manuals there's a good set of norton guides available for all the clippers on the web. Before I asked the question I went home and dug through my archives as well and ended up with quite a pile of 5 1/4 disks that brought back some memories (Wordstar,Multimate,DBase, GWBasic)

I've got some good manuals from that era too, IBM PC,XT,AT Service manuals with circuit diagrams and Full ASM BIOS Listings were my bread and water when I was teaching myself about all this stuff.

Oh for the days when computer people where 'Geniuses' in the eyes of the world. You deserve the points just for making me reminisce.

As it happens I decided to work within the limits of the libraries I had and used a batch file to write the environment variable to a file which I then read. I was waiting to see if anyone made an offer of the file as who knows what other small changes I might need to make.

Thanks, and if you can zip up the disks into a disk1,disk2,.... files I'd appreciate it but don't go to too much effort.
I'll have to go through my "Archives" and see what I can find.  If they are on 5 1/4", I have no access to them.  If they are on 3 1/2" I may be able to access them (assuming I can wake that box up ;-).

You think you have an archive!  I have manuals going all the way back to 1969!  ;-)

Sometimes, when I am feeling unappreciated, I just get one out and read it. ;-)
Uh . . . you'll either need to provide an outside email address or else respond to this messge so that, should I be able to find and access the discs, I can zip and upload them to the "File" option.
JermTheWormAuthor Commented:
lol well I can't put a match to that as I was only born in 1969 ;-\

jermwormza at gmail com will do for emailing me.


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