how stop mail which is already sent from linux server

Dear Experts:

We have outsourced the mail service it is of linux mail server . recently my boss sent a mail to the destination mail of different domain after clicking on send anf after moving out from the outbox realized it is wrong message. asked me to recal/stop the sent message . I thought once the message leaves the smtp server it is not possible but still felt to ask the experts , Please suggest me in this regard.

2. In future iam planning to setup the mail service in the office plan to use zimba is it possible to have such feature so that can stop the message which is already sent. Please suggest
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Recalling mails is a Microsoft originated feature (exchange server) that has not been implemented in many systems. As far as I know, even the recall emission is possible only from Outlook and Lotus Notes....

In other words :

1) your boss & the addressees should all use windows based software i order to be sure it works.

2) if all addressees are in your company and you are the mail server admin, you got your real chance to delete the messages even on linux/unix systems.

3) if you want to implement such feature in the future, you should be aware of the fact that the addesse's mail server must have implemented such a recall feature. Otherways, you just send a command most of the servers will ignore.

Barry GillChief of StaffCommented:
Even if the addressees server acepts recall commands, it usually falls to the addressee to ACCEPT the recall request.

The short answer is no. It is not possible to reliably recall something that gets sent as it takes only moments to leave your systems and enter into somebody else's care and in that care you have no say at all on how it will be handled.
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