Fancy like image galery for accessing pdf files

I really need help, and I promise I will start learning Flash right away :) Have a bunch of pdf docs and with FlippingBook PDF Publisher create html with embedded swf for flipping pages. Now I want to create some fancy, great looking with shadows and effects like image gallery for (or in Flash if it is possible) where when user click on image of first page of document will be redirected to start reading document. Is this possible and how, I must say that design is really important in this case. Everything will be published on IIS7.

Thanks for all help that you will provide.
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If you need a fancy, great looking with shadows and effects, you should consider to buy a third part control or library, check these links,  both offers support to customers

kahvedzicAuthor Commented:
third part is not an option, and besides this 3D carousel menu FX is not what I need, Simpleviewer is OK but too simple. Actualy I need something like list of pictures in Simpleviewer but with some effects and to be able to redirect it to other web page.
ok, here is a couple of links where you can find other options, see if any suites your needs, read the documentation of each one, some are free
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