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I'm currently using WinSCP with a script in combination with Windows 2003 scheduler accessory tool in order to automated an ftp transfer. The transfer needs to use SSL/TLS with port 990 in passive connection mode. For some reason the connection to the server is intermittent and the script hangs when during the file transfer the connection times out.

I will like to get suggestions for any FTP SSL/TLS capable program, either paid, open source or free license that works with windows 2003 and can automate the file transfer process by itself by configuring some sort of wizard and that it keeps retrying even in case of a connection problem.
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ecajigasAuthor Commented:
I ended up using ScriptFTP. The scripts and schedule are self contained within the client program.
It sounds like you need Robo-FTP.  It requres writing a script but it has a wizard to help with that although I have never used the wizard for anything significant because the scripting language is pretty easy to learn and just write what you need.

Since you are connecting on 990 it sounds like you are using Implicit Mode FTPS.  The Robo-FTP script to retry a failed download 10 times would look something like this:
LOG "download_script.log"
TRACELOG "download_trace.log"
WORKINGDIR "c:\folder\to\download\files\into"  ;; change this!
LOOPCOUNT 10  ;; number of times to use LOOPTO command below

FTPLOGOFF  ;; ignore error if not connected
FTPLOGON "" /user="MyUserID" /pw="Secret" /servertype=FTPSIMP  ;; Implicit Mode FTPS 
RCVFILE "Data.xls"
LOOPTO transfer_attempt
;; If we got here we failed 10 times!  
;; ToDo: Might want to send an email here

STOP   ;; change this to EXIT when ready for production

Open in new window

This is a $150 paid program but you get a year of support.  Download the 30-day trial from the web site and see if it works for you.
ecajigasAuthor Commented:
I will take a look at it but I was told not to use Windows Server 2003 schedule task tool.
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You would use a Windows Scheduled Task to launch the Robo-FTP command script listed above... If you saved the script under a file name of download.s and assuming your "start in" folder was the Robo-FTP program install folder then the command line to use in the scheduled task would look something like this:
robo-ftp.exe -v -s"download.s"
Oh sorry, I read your requirements wrong.  I thought you wanted to use the scheduled task!  Robo-FTP has its own internal scheduling options as well.  Sorry about that.
ecajigasAuthor Commented:
Please read description posted
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