AS2: Create array from selected items in checklist


I am looking for advice on creating an array from selected items in a checklist. I have a flash AS2 file where the users drag items based on an array; what I would like is to add a previous screen in which they select the items that will be in that array. This may be fairly basic but I am having trouble finding anything online.
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Create an Item class with a property called selected. On select set the property to true for that item.
Now be sure that all the items are added to a movieClip, or are held in another array.

Now loop through the items and using filter check for selected to be true.
and create a new array based on that.

Hope this helps.

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Deepanjan Das
You have to use Aray filter and apply result to bindable variable.
Now just point dataProvider to this variable.
alisonkaAuthor Commented:
This was difficult to follow and could have benefited from some sample code.
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