Using Images in FPDF

I've been using a few FPDF routines in my project for years without a hitch. I've also used the Image function to successfully place a couple of PNG flags in the document. Now I'm trying to place a few extra smaller flags in a few places in the document. I'm using almost the exact same code which renders them fine and yet I can't get it working. Can someone take a look at the code snippets below and see if they can see anything wrong please?

Firstly, this is how I call the flags with success earlier in the document:
if($grph==1) {
	$this->Image("images/flags/".$data['home_cc'].".png", 15, $y, 7, 3.5);
	$this->Image("images/flags/".$data['host_cc'].".png", 15, $y+5, 7, 3.5);

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No problems there. Then I try to call almost the same code within a function which prints a line at a time which I call from a FOREACH loop. The loop looks like this:
foreach($data['pre_tax_remuneration'] as $row) {
	if($row[3]==1) $fl=$data['home_cc']; else $fl=$data['host_cc'];
	$this->Breakdown_Values($row[0], $row[$curr+1], $x1, $fl);

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$row[3] is just a two letter string of the country and I'#ve checked that that is making it through to the function correctly. So, the function is:
function Breakdown_Values($title, $value, $x, $fl) {
global $c;
$this->SetTextColor($c['txt_2']['r'], $c['txt_2']['g'], $c['txt_2']['b']);
	$this->SetTextColor($c['txt_1']['r'], $c['txt_1']['g'], $c['txt_1']['b']);
	if($fl!=0) {
		$this->Image("images/flags/".$fl.".png", $x+1, $y, 3, 2);

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$c is just an array of a colour. I've tried playing about with the $x and $y values just to get it placed somewhere in the document but it never seems to appear.

Can anyone spot why? This is really bugging me ebcause I've now spent over two hours trying everything I can think of but with no success.

The manual for the FPDF is here and I use version 1.6.

I greatly appreciate any help/input.

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worldofwiresAuthor Commented:
Cracked it. It was my IF statement. I changed it to:
	if(!is_numeric($fl)) {
		$this->Image("images/flags/".$fl.".png", $x+1, $y, 3, 2);

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and it works. Not sure why though but it's sorted. I was passing a 0 value for teh rows where I didn't want a flag and a string when I did so I guess there is a lesson there about mixing up your variables.

I am going to rewrite the function call so I don't have to specify the the 0 when I don't want flags. So it will then look like:
function Breakdown_Values($title, $value, $x, $fl=NULL) {

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function Breakdown_Values($title, $value, $x, $fl=0) {

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to keep my !is_numeric IF stament working. Anyone want to advise/opine on best practises on this front?

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