.NET User Control project is not working in IE8

I have done a big project that uses .net user controls displayed in internet explorer. It works on IE8 in both two development machines one running Windows XP and Windows 7 Professional.

When I try to access the project using localhost on the deployment machine, Windows XP Pro with SP3, it does not work.

I have done research and added the localhost to trusted sites, assigned FullTrust to Trusted Zones under Machine policy using .net framework configuration wizard.

I have even set the URL Action Flag, URLACTION_DOTNET_USERCONTROLS, value in the registry to zero with no luck.

The html page I am displaying has some static text with instructions on using the control and  the control itself. When I access the page, it shows the text and nothin else. No image icons such as picture or red x.

I am leaning more towards security but cant figure it out. I need some help.


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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
ensure that the control is deployed to the appropriate directory along with any DLL files (should be in the bin directory).

If you view the source do you see the control trying to load at all?
YetAnotherCoderAuthor Commented:
It started working. Can't explain what exactly has done it but I think it has to do with missing Power Packs dll.
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