rollback on AIX

Hi again wmp,

If I upgrade AIX6.1 to a new TL or SP or both using smitty update_all with this two options:
  COMMIT software updates? no
 SAVE replaced files? yes


If I upgrade an AIX6.1 to AIX7.1 with the same options on the smitty update_all.

If there's a problem, how can I rollback the previous OS?

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Hi again,

you can't roll back an "upgrade" from AIX 6 to AIX 7, as it is a migration, not an upgrade.

Take an mksysb beforehand, restore it to roll back the migration.

Rolling back an SP upgrade is possible. Use COMMIT: no/SAVE: yes as you posted, and to roll back use "smitty reject"

A TL upgrade can also be rolled back the same way as above, but I once had difficulties when I tried it. So please be careful!

Always have a fresh mksysb at hand!

sminfoAuthor Commented:
OK! :-)

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