exchange 2010 journaling

does anyone know about journaling in exchange 2010 and office 2010?
I have a user that has lost all of her journaling notes after we migrated from sbs 2003 to exchange 2010
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a bug in the journalling feature in Outlook 2010 so when you upgraded from Outlook 2003 you won't be able to see the journal.

I am not aware this has been resolved yet but I would suggest making sure Outlook 2010 is completely up to date by running Microsoft Update (different from Windows Update), see my guide here:
johnbowdenAuthor Commented:
Just an update to this.
I am sitting at the users Outlook and I found her Journal entries so that part is a really good thing.
So when I call up one of her contacts, she would click on Activities and from there, it would display all of her journal entries. It doesn't. So what I have her doing now is opening up the Journal Entries in a new window and typing in a search for that contact. From there, it will bring up the journal entries.

Is that part of the problem that you talk about being a bug in Outlook 2010?
Glen KnightCommented:
Yes, this is part of the bug.
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