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Embed Scribd ie8 bug on loading. Height not ajusted

If I close IE 8, then open, then past the link of the page containing one Embed Scribd.
It happens that lots of times the Scribd embed file is not opening properly.
It seems that the height auto resize is not working properly, on page load.

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Shinesh PremrajanEngineering ManagerCommented:
In the css you need to provide the min-height as one of the CSS attribute.

Hope this helps
valverde2006Author Commented:
Thank you shinug, I'll check this possibility and give a feedback.
valverde2006Author Commented:
it solved the problem, but I believe Scribd sould fix this.
valverde2006Author Commented:
I fixed it using

.scribd_iframe_embed {
	min-height: 800px!important;

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