Browsing domain with workgroup PC


I am trying to allow a workgroup/guest PC browse a domain's file server.
Currently the shared folder has everyone with full control permissions
The guest PC can view this shared folder.

However a subfolder within the shared folder has specific permissions and only certain domain users can connect

Obv at this point the guest cannot access this particular subfolder.

Id like to be able to have the guest user provide a username and password in order to access the protected subfolder. I have set up a user account and password on the DC to be used.

How can I get the file server to request credentials when the folder is accessed by the guest. Currently an error message just appears saying that we dont have permission.
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The default behavior would be: non-member calls \\server and the credential prompt should come up immediately ->no problem. If however you use a home version of windows, it will refuse to do this but try to use the guest account. Is it a home edition you are using?
I'm not sure if you can, the file server recognises that you are a authenticated domain user (IE Guest) and will allow you to access whatever it is you have access to.

Why do you want a guest user to be able to access folders using other peoples credentials? Either they should need access or they shouldn't? Can you expand on the use case here please.
unnameduserAuthor Commented:
THe guest is a contractor who needs access to a folder relating to Quality management. THis folder is the only shared folder on the network that the group "everyone" does not have access to. This particular folder has a limited list of users who can access it.

In order for the contractor to access it I have set up a User account for her on the server.

I do not want to have to connect her personal computer to our domain.
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that should work fine then. as long as they are connected to the network (Via in house network) or VPN they can just go to \\servername\* etc and upon doing that windows explorer will ask her for her username and password and maybe domain.

if in doubt put username in "domain\username" and then it should authenticate and let her through to access what she is allowed to.
I forgot to add. Add her username with permissions to the subfolder she needs access to.
SISAntConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have a current user using a VPN to connect to the work network using Home Vista.  He can connect to the folders fine once he does the first authentication to the \\servername
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