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Dear All .

active directory user has been deleted by mistake on win 2008 r2 , his mailbox also deleted on exchange 2010 sp1 , now i need to recover this user , i recreate the user on active directory , then user got logged on fine then i note his mailbox also not found (does this considered a soft delete - disconnected mailbox ? so i can reconnect it later ? ) .

Now i prefered to create a new mailbox for that user and recover that mailbox from my latest recovery DB , when i use the shell to recover using this command  " Restore-Mailbox xxx -RecoveryDatabase RecoveryDB " , it says Mailbox "3ce26125-f9a5-4f02-bbf0-982e6a6ffc2d" doesn't exist on database "RecoveryDB". even am sure that user has been backed up on that DB  , HOW CAN I RECOVR THAT USERNAME or even that MAILBOX ?

thanks in advance
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Mike KlineCommented:
Look at this page from Microsoft

Start at the section titled Procedures for Restoring After Deletions Have Replicated


Mike KlineCommented:
You said you are 2008 R2, are you at forest functional level 2008 R2...if so do you have the recycle bin enabled?

If not then do you have backups,  you can do an authoritative restore of that user.


ExchisaAuthor Commented:
mkline71 :
no it's disabled .
can you show me step by step to do an authoritative restore for a specific user like my case ?
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