deleting a old DC server name that is offiline

When in users and computer / domain  I wanted to remove a retired offline server that was the DC. All 5 roles were transferred to the new server but was never demoted from a DC status. When removing I get 3 options and this option is my best choice.

this domain controller is permanently offline and can no longer be domoted using the active directory installation wizard

But then I get this message:
Object (Server name) is a container and contains other objects. Are you sure you want to delete the object (server name) and the objects it contains?

If I choose yes will it erase objects that are now in existence on the new DC hosting all the objects? Just want to verify all this before pushing that button.
Signed nervous..
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Mike KlineCommented:
So you said it was retired and offline, how long has it been offline.  is it now online? In this case I'd just clean the DC using the metadata cleanup procedures


Are you using ntdsutil?
Don't forget to check you DNS server after you are done with removing the "old" DC
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